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We have the following with the e-mail notifications:

The registered users of the forum receive the letter, that is needed for the registration, but for the asked questions, and for the answers they don’t get e-mails, not even if they choose that option. The SMTP is OK, but according to the logs, the forum engine didn’t even try to send letters, and didn’t try to access the SMTP server. Perhaps in one of the php files the notification sending is not turned on. Can you help me?
I have the same problem. I have not use the SMTP.
1.7.1 Q2A version. I tried 1.8.0 but the same problem.

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I think this is a strange behaviour of question2answer. Instead of messaging all participants of a thread the notification is only for the author of the question. If someone writes a comment to a specific answer the author of this specific answer will be informed but no one else.

I could not believe this behaviour, because in all other forums it is as it should be, if anyone change something in a thread all participants should be informed (if they checked the checkbox).

A forum works better if all members will be informed if something happens on a topic where they are interested in.

I hope this will change in a future version or someone makes a plugin because this is a basic feature of all forums.

cu halfstone