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ew of my users want to be able to disable email notifications as they receive too many emails daily (when someone leaves a comments/answer etc.). how can i activate such an option so that if a users wants he/she can disable the email notifications . ( btw, i am not talking about email subscriptions to news letters)
It is a good option and ideally an user should be able to choose. But since "notification" feature is coming in Q2A 1.8, lets wait for that. Then we can have a plugin for users to choose email, site notification, both etc.

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Email notifications are sent when the user has ticked the box below a Q/A, "Email me if..."

You can turn that off by default under Admin > Posting.

Emails are always sent for PMs & wall posts, the only way to turn this off currently is by overriding the qa_send_notification function. I'll look at improving this for 1.8.
Thank you but I just found a plugin from q2apro which helps.
I still believe this has to be addressed in code dev of 1.8: