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Take The Most Out Of Telegram Through Your Q2A Website 

  • Send Notifications With Jet Speed!
  • Increase Website Security
  • Very Fast And Light
  • Improve the Speed of Answering Questions
  • Make Website Administration Easy
  • More than 18 Types of Notifications (New Question, New Answer, etc.)
  • Notify Your Team Of Every Question Or Activity That Happens On Your Q2A

Telegram is an instant messaging tool that allows you to send and receive messages from your contacts even without sharing your phone number. Messaging platforms like Telegram have helped us boost our digital businesses because they have multiple functions that allow us to better classify and distribute our offers. Using this plugin, you can receive various notifications  (New Question, New Answer, Vote Up, Best Answer ,…)  of your website through Telegram at no cost. Sending and receiving notifications is very fast and completely free.

Notifications that you can receive through Telegram:

  1. New Question, Answer, Comment
  2. New User Registration
  3. User Login
  4. User Logout
  5. Delete User
  6. Private Message
  7. Confirm Email
  8. Change Password
  9. New Wall Post
  10. Delete Wall Post
  11. Block/Unblock IP
  12. Block/Unblock User
  13. Favorite/Unfavorite Question
  14. Close/Reopen Question
  15. Select/Unselect Best Answer
  16. New Feedback
  17. Delete Content
  18. Vote Up,Vote Down, Vote Nil Question
  19. Vote Up, Vote Down, Vote Nil Answer
  20. Vote Up, Vote Down, Vote Nil Comment
  21. Flag/Unflag Answer/Question/Answer
  22. Show/Hide Question/Answer/Comment

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Q2A version: 1.8

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