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Is there a possibility of onsite notifications going to Q2A core? The onsite notifications plugin made by q2apro is quite useful and I guess any site with a good audience prefer it (this site is an exception :). So, I request Scott to kindly add this in Q2A core.

Why I suggest to add in core:
1. It is a highly recommended plugin and a thorough functioning is good for Q2A in general.
2. I'm using a bit older version of the plugin but I guess even in the latest one some notification features - for example when a question is closed- author getting notified- is not there.
3. Would make all themes providing a good notification icon.
4. If this is possible, I can contribute by adding all the missing events in the plugin. I'm not a web developer but this part I can easily do.
Q2A version: 1.7

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Scott knows about it.

It should be included in v1.8.
great. And thanks for the plugin- I guess this is the most important plugin here :)
It wasn't included in v1.8. Does anyone know whether on-site notifications prevents sending emails or would emails still get sent the normal way? I'm asking because the readme file says that it "may replace email notifications".
No, it won't replace any other email notifications