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Ever Wondered If Our Q2A Open Source Script Available Only For $499..Good Deal Right ..:D ..Have a look https://www.apptha.com/knowledge-base  .. They Simply Modified Home Page And Selling it To $499 Only ..Lol ..:D
So, its a Q2A theme for $499 rt?
yupp !! just only $ 499 :D
they just did some modifications over the snowFlat theme and some lang changes..

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Yeah it's kind of a crappy thing to do, but Q2A is open source so it's legal. Of course, if they've made any changes to the Q2A code you could buy it and distribute it for free...
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I would like to know

1. how many users buy the q2a software from there. Turnover?!
2. if they have removed the copyright notice.
3. if their customers know that they could have get the software for free. (comes by n°2 I guess)