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Snow flat theme dropdown menu background colour missing. It's due to this the link colour being white is not visible. Refer image below.



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Disabling the openlogin plugin is not a solution if you want the feature.
There are 2 solutions for this problem:

1: check the don't inline css option in the openlogin plugin.
(If this doesn't work as intended)
2: open the css file of open login plugin
There is a section in the css file with a comment line /* this should not creat any problem in snow flat*/ or something like that. Comment out the section(i guess its 2 or 3 lines)

Hopefully this will solve the problem. It worked for me.
Thank you. It worked like a charm.
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The problem is because of Open Login Plugin. Disable that plugin and your website will work perfect.
Problem solved. Removed "Open Login Plugin" as suggested. Thanks.