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I know there is Open Login plugin which can be used for other login options but it is no more developed and it is causing problem with SnowFlat theme.

Moreover, if we need Q2A to go big then it should provide some basic plugins which are needed by almost everyone. And who will not want Facebook, Twitter, Google logins out of stock?

This is what I think... Other then this, if Facebook login is removed with Open Login then that will also be great, but that plugin is itself heavy that's why I mentioned the other method first.

After all Facebook plugin was also introduced at sometime when it was needed most and now other login methods are also needed. So what do you guys think about this?
Q2A version: 1.7

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I think plugins below should be removed from the core. These are not well maintained. If it is removed from the core, more better plugins will be developed.

  1. basic-adsense
  2. facebook-login
  3. opensearch-support
Plugins that we do not use will degrade the performance of the core. And, the importance of these plugins is low for me. Therefore, I always remove these plugins after installing Q2A.
basic addsense is really easy to install. Nice idea, I'll buy real good users accounts for peanuts :)
I'll ask about opensearch