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Banner Pro is a dynamic and high-speed image banner (not HTML) for spreading your site and your profile in another site.



  • Offline (Site) banner: Please confirm upper page in log-out status
  • Online (User) banner: Please confirm upper page in logged in status


Q2A V1.6 later (Included V1.7)

Themes: (Of course, you can make original design !)

user:  [Updated 2015/04/13]

user-badge: [Add 2015/04/13]

user-clean: [Updated 2015/04/13]

user-dark: [Updated 2015/04/13]

user-red: [Updated 2015/04/13]

user-trans: [Updated 2015/04/13]

user-background: [Updated 2015/04/13]

user-full-left: [Updated 2015/04/13]

user-full-right: [Updated 2015/04/13]

site: [Updated 2015/04/13]

Banner sidebar widget: NEW 2015/03/31


Option panel: [Updated 2015/04/13]

Theme editing: [Updated 2015/04/13]

Environment check page:

Offline page:

Online page:


  • [2015/05/11 V1.0.2] : Fix javascript error in snow theme. [Thanks ilkkanka]
  • [2015/05/11 V1.0.1] : Support PHP V5.4 later (Fix STRICT warnings) [Thanks ilkkanka]
  • [2015/04/15 V1.0] : First release

Plugin has been sold in ASKIVE. Please contact to webmaster@ASKIVE.

Q2A version: 1.6 / 1.7
Very good, waiting for this!
No updates about this ? Waiting for it :)
Cool and when will it be available for download ?
You will be able to purchase during this month.

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firstly this is really good plugin..

i like this mans plugins and solutions.. always work..

but its need some extras..

like last questions dynamic banner etc..
Thanks ilkkanka. I thought also it. This plugin has sub-plugin architecture. For example, badge data is drawn by badge sub-plugin of banner plugin. So, without changing core codes of plugin, you can draw recent questions by adding sub plugin. However, since question title length is variable, there is a possibility that does not fit in the image.

You might be able to resolve this by truncating question title string.
i think this plugin is wery strong Advertising tool.. And its really very usefull.. users add this to themselfs blogs etc.. yes title lenghts is a problem. but i am sure you will find a solutions :) i like it and i will buy this in this month.. meantime wish you will add some extra features :)
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I pay this plugin and install my site. Sama55 create cool plugin. Me and my site all users like this plugin. And thx for helping sama