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I am developing Banner maker plugin. This plugin create dynamic banner according to the setting of the JSON. At first release, plugin user configure banner layout with basic (text) editor. However, I hope to provide "Visual layout editor" to plugin users.

Basic Conditions

  • License: Apache, MIT, GPL, and other compatibility license with Q2A (GPL V2 and later)
  • Language: PHP / jQuery / Pure JavaScript

Necessary features

  • Text (Output: Font type, Font size, Font color, Base line position (X, Y))
  • Image (Input: JPEG, PNG, GIF, Output: Top left position (X, Y))
  • Dot (Output: Position (X,Y), Color)
  • Line (Output: Start position (X1,Y1), End position (X2,Y2), Width, Color)
  • Rectangle (Output: Start position (X1,Y1), End position (X2,Y2), Width, Color)

If you know these tools, please tell me.

Best regards.

Q2A version: 1.7

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