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I think "Favorite" feature has not been used so much. Since question is very much, it would be less to be added in favorite. However, favorite user, category and tag should be used more. User adds favorite item to own collection only in the target page of the data (Question page, User profile, Question list in category, Question list with tag). I thought, since user interface is not good, it might not be used so much.

My thoughts

I want to develop new addon (Favorite Collector) for adding favorite item from any place in any page with "Drag and Drop".

Parts and ideas related to this thread

Your thoughts ?

  1. What do you think about it?
  2. Do you have useful information related to this idea?
  3. Do you know a better operability than drag and drop?

Best regards.

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1) I like the concept

2) I really have nothing to say about this question sorry

3) I think Drag & Drop would be awesome but you should also include a regular upload button
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A great idea... Could this include pictures?
This feature is still stage of conception. Let suggest UI (view) that you think good.
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Basically, users will use this feature after registration. However, this feature might work most effectively in the registration form (process) like Quora. You can choose favorite words at the time of registration in Quora. By this feature and advanced notification feature, users will come to the site only when article that he is interested has been posted. User experience will be very improved.
Sama, it is great to implement something like quora. In fact only the basic functionality is great and very useful. I don't feel it is necessary something so fancy!
Yes. the registration form of Quora and Pinterest is good than SO. Because my English is poor, other users can not understand my answer? hahaha.
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I think its a nice idea to let users favorite the categories and tags in starting (means just after registration), as it is done in Quora. And if a good notification system is bundled with it then this would raise Q2A level to sky high.

But when you say about jQuery Drag and Drop idea, then that is on how much interactive you want to make it. A simple favorite button beneath every category would also do the task (as we follow users and some icons when we register to twitter).

Secondly, I liked the checkout jQuery concept. It is interactive adds more fun to working of q2a.

All this force me to think, can we add a pic to every category (like we can add pics to tags using a plugin). This would help in better telling and expressing the category to new users.
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@sama55 Why you abandoned this awesome function   ??