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In administration center--->Permissions I have set :

Recategorizing any question: registered users with enough points, users must have 1000 points.

But now when a user gain 1000 points and wants to recategorize a question get this error: Please provide more information- at least 20 characters.

could anyone help me please?

So is this a bug or was I right with my guess?
Hi Pupi,
You are right, it was because of a plugin.
Thanks. :)

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In admin/posting there is this setting Minimum length of question title. The length of the question must have at list that amount of characters. Otherwise, you'll see that error. This can only happen if you create a question using the core using a smaller minimum length and then you increase it. In that case, if you try to recategorize a question, you won't be able to do so because the question length constraint will be enforced.

It can also happen if you use a plugin that do not respect that limit to create the question either.