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It might be nice to have a feature where admin can offer permission upgrades at certain point levels. For example if a user gets 10,000 points they could have access to the WYSIWYG editor, or maybe become an editor/moderator, etc. Typically if a user acheives a high number of points, they are probably trustworthy to maintain integrity of a site. This would be another way to provide incentive for participation among users. I have no idea how to go about coding this, so I'm just offering it up as a suggestion.
Q2A version: 1.5
Q2A does have points-based permissions, in that when they reach say 10,000 points you can give them editing permissions or anything else that editors/mods can do. The WYSIWYG isn't possible though, it's a decent idea.
Where is that? I couldn't find it on admin panel.

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