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I'm finally upgrading my site to version 1.3 (from 1.2). I started the theme again from scratch in order not to overwrite too much new stuff. But I must have changed quite a lot around in my old theme....

First, I want to hide the related questions from the bottom. But it seems to just call generic functions like "q_list_and_form" - how do I detect that it's the related questions?

The second part is to put the related questions on the sidebar. In my old theme I simply had this in the sidepanel function:

if ( isset($this->content['related_q_list']) )
$this->output('<div class="qa-related-sidebar">');
$this->output('</div>', '');

But now there doesn't seem to be a "related_q_list" element - is there a different way to do it?

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The logic is mostly the same, but in version 1.3 the element is called 'q_list' instead of 'related_q_list'. But this element name is also used on other pages so you should also check ($this->template=='question') where appropriate.

Thanks it's working. Is the following enough to hide the questions from the bottom of the page?

    function q_list_and_form($q_list)
        if ( $this->template == 'question' )

This assumes there aren't any other question lists when you're viewing a question. Plus I just realized it makes good sense to call the parent theme function to do the default stuff, if I've only added a little code before or after the parent code.
Yes, this is exactly the right approach, since there are no other question lists on the question page.