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I see differences bitween my instalation(vers. 1.3.3) and funktionality of the main page.

Especially votes are displayed with plusses.

I want to modify votes to look something like this: http://img684.imageshack.us/i/votesa.png/

Is there somewhat in change vor new version or not? I suppose you develop on the life site...

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Votes on your page should not be displayed with pluses - you can post a link if you want me to take a look. Apart from that, it should be possible to make voting look like the image you referenced, by using a custom theme with CSS.
yes I'll do it with css Thanks for your answer
this is on my site http://ubuntufrage.de <span class="qa-upvote-count">
                                            <span class="qa-upvote-count-data">1</span><span class="qa-upvote-count-pad"> Pluspunkt</span>

And this is main site
iv class="qa-vote-count qa-vote-count-net">
<span class="qa-netvote-count">
<span class="qa-netvote-count-data">&ndash;1</span>
<span class="qa-netvote-count-pad"> vote</span>