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I want q2a site which support English, Hindi languages...

When user searches for "Book", it should also get result for "किताब"/ "पुस्तक" (Hindi Words)

Can it be done?

Also, is there any latest audio plugin which will support latest version of q2a.

Audio Plugin:- Users can ask there question in audio, and other users should listen that audio in audio format not in text...
Q2A version: Latest
I have better option...there should be a text to speech button so that users can directly listen to the answer......plus if they want to ask a question there should be a google voice input by default.
Agreed Zeeshan...

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Anything which can be expressed logically can be done digitally.

and your requirements are off-course logical.

You can try this plugin, maybe it meets your first requirement. 


Will check nd let you know..