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Hello guys!


Few days ago I bought a Q2A script with a theme (yeah, until yesterday I didn't know nothing about Q2A, I thought this script was made by whom I bought.... well this is another story))

Well, I have a few ideas arounding Q2A and that I think is pretty good to most of users.... please, say something about them and if some hardcoder can do some of them. There a few ideas where are the most for me today... please, feel free to enligth me about these questions

1- on the image upload folder, only upload the image after click "submit"
Reason: someone can click on a wrong image by mistake and upload another one, at this time, the right one. When we click on Upload button, this image really goes to the server instead being only a preview, so the image will increase the amount of files on the folder anyway...
Ideas: it can be created a temp folder to that or delete the image if the "upload" button is clicked again.
2- still on the same folder above, it can be created folders to the images using a system like Wordpress
Reason: all images are going to the same folder, and regardless the OS being used, to find an image inside a folder with 10k+ images is way harder then "/uploads/2014/december/12", and it is faster as well...
Searching for this question i got two questions already started, but, nonetheless, still a new option
3- to watermark system, could be added 2 new options, above and underneath... in case if I want to add a bar to be watermark, just like happens on Memecenter. And create a section on "Plugins" to watermark, so we can set everything on it =)
4- A way to let the users to choose the side of watermark.... some images could have a text where will be replaced by the watermark... so, if the user could a little bit more attentive, he/she could decide which position is better to the watermark be placed =)...
5- Avoid to users register using the same account on social networks.... After I set up my website, and trying to make the facebook login works...  now I have 2 users using the same account from facebook.... it should check against the db before register
7 - Create a plugin to see all registered users.... so we can delete, block, admin, send a message or do whatever I want...
8 - How about SVN updates ? 
9 - How about a CDN plugin to gDrive or AWS?
10 - Create a plugin to change colors and background more easily.... like, if i want to change the color of topbar, it will have a field on this page to change the color to whatever I want... background of page... background of images.... everything.... 
11 - Auto zoom or for small images or click to zoom...
12 - this one is harder, but, good enough... add an option to each plugin installed to start to use only after I check/uncheck a box saying "starts now" (or something alike)... now you asks me... ""why? what it is use?""... well, lets suppose I just installed a plugin and I'm still setting it up, but my users are on the website.... they see a new option and starts to use it, but it is not fully configured.... so, "starts now" it will be a good idea =D
There are just a few ideas here.... some can come up later and I will add them here too =)
If, for any idea, there is a plugin already done, please, let me know...
Cheers =)
Just wondering, where did you buy the Q2A script from?
From envato market...

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It seems that you havenot understood how q2a works. You can search http://question2answer.org/ to see various of addons that may meet your needs.
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Actually, i do understand how q2a works.... i've looked there and here - http://phptrends.com/dig_in/Question2Answer - for everything I need.... I got many of them....

Actually these are just a few ideas to be implemented by people who like to develop plugins to enhance/develop them... or additions to the q2a core.... why not a better system with new features? =D
1, Q2A is a framework (infrastructure) for Q&A system. It allows free system making not limited to the particular purpose.
2. Even if plugins and themes are disabled, it's existence will affect system performance.
3. Required features are different each by Q2A user.