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Hi guys,

When I first visited the official q2a market, I thought there is all plugins and themes by all users but it was only by the authors of q2a so, its kind of weird and not creator  friendly. I'm not a theme or plugin maker, however when I need something I want to see everything in one place just like playsore or app store (as a normal user wish I think).

So what I recommend you is to change the q2a website script to an open classified website (something like this http://open-classifieds.com/ ) so that anyone who create something post it there and sell it. User can find anything easily and a bigger q2a market.

Thanks for reading.

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True. Many of the Q2A plugins are outdated. The Q2A plugin page is neatly organized but not very well updated. At least non available plugin links should be removed and those with no updates must be archived. Also, for new plugins I propose they can be added via a normal post here, and then one moderator can add this to plugin page if found good or say receive min 'X' up votes. I propose to include in the post for the plugin the below details: 

  1. Free/Paid
  2. Upgrades available/No
  3. Support/No/Paid only
  4. Min Q2A version supported
  5. Supported Themes