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I think (this is only my opinion ), q2a must have built in quiz system with it.

Is it possible to request any such feature here.If yes how.

I know lead developers are busy with some other matters, but still want this cms to include

built in QUIZ system with it.

Thank you.
Q2A version: latest one- 1.8.3
any update on this
you need hire a developer. q2a is open-source script, it will not add a functionality on your interest only.

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Question and Answer is a bit different from a quiz. Because for a quiz, we would want automatic evaluation of answers which doesn't allow passage answers. So we want to keep a tag of question types, store answers etc, allow creation of tests by selecting questions satisfying the requirements, provide a quiz UI, do evaluation, provide a result page etc. This can never be a core part of Q2A because then it's not Q2A but can surely be implemented as a plugin. On our site we do make use of such a plugin.