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Basically, I want to make a edit or plugin for the platform where
 -If the category is set to "bug" or something similar, it adds an extra button to the question.
-Upvotes can be for people who agree that a bug should be fixed, but I wanted to add a column to the database associated with a button that basically tells admins or relevant people "I too am experiencing this bug" and maybe add a way for their platform, username and version or other relevant info to the database.
-So basically all I want to find out and start with is which file and or section sets the columns and tables to be created and runs that SQL so I can start to research the syntax I'd need to follow through. I understand I could just add the column through MySQL workbench but for my purposes I'd like to figure out how to have it added with installation if possible.
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Got it, its qa-include/db/install.php