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I try to access on my q2a site by windows phone mobiles but i just see a blank page in this smart phones

i think jquery.mobile is missing for windows phone !

i add mobile jquery to head but it is not working yet !!!

how can i fix it ?

Q2A version: 1.6.3
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Firstly, I don't have a windows phone. So I can just blindly give you my opinion. You shouldn't need to add any library for Q2A to work on that OS. Firstly, remove jQuery mobile and also whatever core.js is. Then, test again.

If this doesn't work then try installing Q2A 1.7 without any plugin and test again. If it works, there is a plugin to blame, your theme or maybe, that (browser's) OS is not supporting old jquery versions, which is unlikely. To test if it is a plugin, just start removing them until it works. To test if it is a theme, just switch to the Classic theme and see if it works. To test if the old jQuery version is the issue just download the latest jQuery version and add that one instead of the 1.7.2. Make sure to replace it.


I just borrowed a Windows phone and it it works fine. You've modified the theme or installed a plugin that is breaking it.