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I used the URL Rewrite from with in IIS to add the url rewrite Rules but still the OK is not coming on the first URL structure while my links are working fine  . My Question is that is it fine to continue using it ? or will it give me any trouble in future ? because the htaccess file doesnt get read by windows server

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Sorry for the delay in getting to this. The "OK" buttons are actually iframes with a complex URL that tests various special characters. Since you had a problem with the + in URLs it's probably related to that.

If you view the HTML source and look for the first iframe element, you can see the URL and try opening that in its own URL. It may show you some error that you can resolve yourself.

But if you've fixed the problem you had with the + links, and the URLs for user pages are working fine when using that option, then it should be perfectly fine.
i fixed the URL issue while adding in the URL Rewrite .. but the + links werent working as IIS blocks them so i just moved the whole site to a linux machine :p
thanks (y) got more questions will be asking them now