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The best answer check mark is right on top of the avatar.  Is this a bug?  How do I change this?
Q2A version: 1.6.3
That depends on the theme you're using and on any modification you've done to it.  I haven't experienced that using the ones that come with the core
I have q2a version 1.6.3 and I am using the standard SNOW theme.  

It is very annoying.  I can post a picture if you want.  Can somebody fix this?
Yes, please, add the screenshot to the post. However, note this very same site is running 1.6.3 and an unmodified version of the Snow theme and it is working fine. If you can confirm you're running it the same way too then maybe you're using some kind of plugin that is breaking things.
ok, I found a picture of the exact same issue described here:  http://www.question2answer.org/qa/32176/why-the-best-answer-check-mark-floating-within-body-the-text

I noticed that the check mark is floating at the beginning of the 3rd-4th line.  If the message is too short, then it will display on the avatar.

These are from my stats page:
Question2Answer version:     1.6.3
Build date:     2014-01-19
Q2A database version:     56
Database size:     1.4 MB
PHP version:     5.5.14
MySQL version:     5.1.68-cll-lve

This is from my layout page:
Currently active widgets:
    Related Questions - Side panel - Below sidebar box
    Ask Box - Full width - Below navigation

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Refer to my answer.