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If you were to choose between the two wysiwyg editors, which one would you pick?

Thank you
Q2A version: 1.6.3 or 1.7

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That depends -

If you need a lightweight editor or math support then markdown is best choice for you .

If you need more userfriendly and good looking editor then ckEditor is good for you . But the point is bit heavy . Takes bit time to load .



Thanks for your answer. I noticed that ckeditor is heavy but you can well customize it here:http://ckeditor.com/builder
and put together a lighter ckeditor which includes only the stuff you need
Yah that you configure for the plugins that will be included but the minified core js file is nearly around 500kb . Which is heavier than markdown editor .

I am not against Ckeditor , it is just FYI .
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CKeditor with the caveat that it should be supplied in full (imo) with an option to hide options not used/needed. So non techies can get what they want and not just an impossible to add to 'basic' config?
Thank you for your input but , is this an answer or you are asking another question.YOu may wanna consider to make it a comment
I don't understand? The question was "ckEditor or markdown? which one would you choose?"

And my reply/answer was above... I would personally choose CKeditor?? I don't mind it being turned into a comment, but how have I not 'answered' the question???
Sorry may bad. I could not interpret your answer correctly. plz leave it as is