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I already mentioned that I don't like CKEditor anymore. It feels heavvy and it makes no fun to write in this forum. It is like driving a car. I want to go from A to B, with a heavy slow car, or with a Porsche.

Markdown would be one choice. I WANT to write code as code finally, not any wild formatting anymore (!)

If the community is against Markdown because of the learning curve, I would offer the SCEditor premium plugin to be included into the core.



PS: I am also missing the shortcut CTRL+Enter that I am using in all my forums and stackexchange sites.

Q2A version: 1.7
What about the CKeditor feels 'heavy' to you? I did strip it back a bit for 1.7. You can do the custom build option if you want to remove even more.
I also agree with Kai, SCEditor is really a nice editor to be added in core. I am not saying this because of loading speed issues. But becasue of two other reasons.

1. SCEditor is mobile friendly, so our users can use this editor in mobile devices.
2. The preview window feature is missing in CKeditor but SCEditor fulfils that as well.
@Scott: It is super slow when loading. I once made a test that is still valid. See speed test in the video: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/41119/sceditor-vs-ckeditor-performance-load-and-speed-video

I just don't like cke, sce is the way to go.

The SCEditor plugin: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/36413/new-premium-plugin-sceditor-here-we-go

At github: https://github.com/samclarke/SCEditor/

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