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I'm working on a German version of qa. Unfortunately I can't test properly, because I can't login or create new users. I just get a blank page (http://localhost/question2answer/index.php/login?to=)  and I mean blank, blank as in "no source code". The Apache error log shows nothing.

This seems easy enough, but I'm stuck. Any ideas?

PS: Everything else seems to be working fine (http://localhost/question2answer/index.php/).

EDIT: I don't see, why this should be related, but just to be on the safe side: I don't have sendmail installed, so sending registration mails wouldn't work anyway.

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Please try using the last URL structure option in Q2A's admin panel, just in case that's the problem. Otherwise perhaps you have some .htaccess file installed in your localhost server that is interfering with Q2A's requests?
Funny enough, that was the first thing I wanted to try... But as I was logged out... See my predicament?
Any other ideas? Hint: Now would be a good time to mention backdoors ;)
Yes I do indeed see it! You can temporarily enable anyone to modify the admin stuff by changing function qa_admin_check_privileges(...) in qa-app-admin.php to always return true.
Thanks! Today I had the time to try it, and the URL structure does not seem to be the problem. I picked the bottom one and nothing changed.

Instead the new language files seem to be the culprit: When I switch to English (US or UK) everything works fine. Apparently there's something wrong with some of my language files.
Definitely not working: "qa-lang-profile", as the profile-page is also blank
Definitely working: "qa-lang-main" and "qa-lang-question"

I replaced the array in 'qa-lang-profile' with
"return array('1_chosen_as_best' => '1x als beste gewahlt');"
to exclude syntax errors. The profile page is still blank.

Umlauts don't seem to be the problem, either. (At least ß is no Problem.)

Last try: I removed 'qa-lang-profile'-page from the 'de'-directory, thinking that the profile-page would default to English. It didn't. It was still blank.

Any suggestion what I might try next?

PS: As for .htaccess - There's only the .htaccess that qa generates.
It sounds like there's some kind of syntax error in the language files, and I'm surprised nothing is showing up in your Apache error_log. Perhaps it's a BOM (byte-order mark) that was added by your text editor?
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Good news: I fixed it by downloading the Italian version and gradually replacing the italian translation with the german one. I already wrote you the download-URL.

[I found out, that two files were broken, but I still have no idea what was wrong with them. Frustrating.]