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Translation Source)
File(Line): qa-include/qa-lang-options.php (L50)
Line detail: 'default_privacy' => 'Privacy: Your email address will not be shared or sold to third parties.',

Processing Source)
File(Line): qa-include/qa-app-options.php (L265)
Line detail: $value=qa_lang_html('options/default_privacy');

My brouser is Chrome5.
Will it be a problem of the cash?

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Sorry! Upper question was my mistake.
This message is cashed to Manager > Email > "Privacy note for email on all forms" at first, afterward it was displayed from there ...

To gidgreen)
If necessary, please delete this question. ^^;
Glad you worked it out - I'll leave the question here in case anyone else has it in future.
I see, I see. ^^