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One of my users pointed out that there are blank entries in our user list.  There were three, now there are seven. Just wondering if anyone else has run into this, and if there is a fix?
What's the site? Do the users perhaps use spaces or invisible symbols as the user name?
No, it looks like what is happening is someone has registered with wordpress, voted once in the q2a forum, then unregistered, leaving a record of their points in ^userpoints.  Six of the users just had one vote.  A seventh user actually had some posts, but there was no record of the user in my wordpress install.  I guess the problem is the q2a doesn't know when someone has left Wordpress.  It should have a check before including a user in the user list.  Removing the entries from ^userpoints gets rid of the users.
The problem is, the phantom users come back when I recalculate points, since their posts are still in the ^posts table, which happened today.

Would it be proper to include a check in the rebuild function to make sure the user still exists?

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