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I want to make Closed-FAQ-System published to internet with Q2A. It is not discussed in this system.

1. Secure-modify-method that registration is not possible from internet ?
2. Can SuperAdmin or Admin register other user from admin panel? (This is meaning to invite other manager.) Or, method of usage to resemble it.
3. Other necessary settings?
Best regards.

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You can't currently set it up to control who can register to the site. However you can use the 'Permissions' section of the 'Admin' panel to only allow privileged users to add questions, answers or comments respectively. This should be sufficient to create a closed FAQ system.
I see.
I set expert/editor/moderator/administrator to permissions of questions, answers, and comments. If other managers register themselves, they send email to SuperAdmin. And, SuperAdmin authorize moderator/admin permisson to new user(manager).

Thank you gidgreen.