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Hello All , 

I am very happy to declare my new plugin release , one of the most awaited feature in q2a , Q2A Delete Hidden Posts 

You can grab it here - https://q2a-store.com/downloads/delete-hidden-posts-plugin-for-question2answer/



  1. ability to delete all the hidden posts from q2a database 
  2. Now all the posts that have dependencies will also be deleted . 
  3. when a question is deleted all its answers , comments gets deleted 
  4. when a answer is deleted all its comments and related questions gets deleted 
  5. buttons are displayed *after* a question's response buttons - which helps to delete the question right away 
  6. every options can be configured from admin panel 
  7. option to delete questions , answers , cmments at one shot 
  8. free and opensource 

Screenshots - 

You can grab it here - https://q2a-store.com/downloads/delete-hidden-posts-plugin-for-question2answer/


Q2A version: 1.6.3
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ok @fara . Thanks for the suggestion . I will consider this in the next version .
Great am going to use it

I also desperately looking for mass user block/ delete plugin.. Tks
Pretty work , thank you very much for your efforts.
Thank you very much for your plugin!!!!

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Thank you very much for tthis plugin. It makes deleting really easy. We would be very grateful if you can add the ability to delete a single comment of either a question or an answer in the near future. Once again thank you very much.
I have added this feature now . Enjoy .. Thanks for your review .
Wow i just tested the delete comment feature and everything works like magic. Thank you so much for doing this. We will forever be grateful.
I am glad that it is useful to you . Enjoy :)
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Thanks a lot @Amiya for such a great plugin, I was wondering that why this feature wasn't into q2a but your plugin works like charm and it did the work as it should.

Great work and all the best.

I would like to say that can you add a delete button to show in the hidden section. Means if a post is hidden then it shown in hidden section but only reshow option is there and we have to open the post to delete that. Can you add a delete button there, like in the pic

That option is already there . Make sure you have enabled the proper options from admin panel .
If I hide a question then there shows two buttons, hide and delete.
But in hidden section in admin panel there is no delete button, only reshow button is shown there.
ohh . Are you talking about the admin -> hidden section buttons .
That wont be necessary . You can delete all hidden posts from the plugin options at one shot . May be I think about this later .
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I think this is good plugin. I have one question.

In order to protect the copyright of the poster of answer and comment, Q2A core prohibits that questioner remove own question having relevant (other user's) answers or comments. How do be protected respondents and commenters copyright?
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  • Version 1.1 has been released 
    • added ask user confirmation while deleting a question / answer / comment
    • added ask admin confirmation while deleting all hidden posts
    • removed css styling , only handling with q2a provided classes
    • improved redirect logic
    • improved code

Download the latest version to enjoy the new features . 


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Site dont work  http://q2astore.com

This plugin works very slowly. It does not work in the background while deleting all the questions. After a while, when I say delete all questions, the page gives an error.
When I say delete all hidden records, it uses a lot of server resources.
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the website shutdown !