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I am wondering if it would be possible to set up a kind of question which is posted by an author including a tutorial or similar in the content section, but closed to answers. Comments could be still open.

One would need an additional entry in the main menue like TUTORIALS / TIPS or similar. What already can be done. Tags and categories could be the same.

Then one would need an admin-option to show this kind of entry either on the Question- , Tag-,  or Categories pages on top, or,easier only under the new TUTORIALS / Menue.

The search could throw out both, tutorials and questions. With TUTORIALS / TIPS  first.

Then the ASK /  TUTORIAL input form would need to be changed a bit.. So that one can choose question or tutorial. Like setting a parameter by a "choice button".

This function could be restricted to moderators or admins only..

I think it would be an excellent feature, q2a could be used as knowledge base as well. On tutorials still could be voted and may be they could be sorted by votes as well...

I hope my understanding of the script is not too far away from the reality, but if there is a place/table where a parameter could be stored, it seems to be not too complicated by changing an advanced theme..

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