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Please recommend programming languages to be studied. I know HTML, a bit of CSS and very few PHP. Everything else is really just googling, putting pieces together, making it work, and praying it won't break.

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The Q2A core has been developed in PHP so you will need a very deep understanding of that language. Also you will require SQL if you want to perform database accesses.

HTML, CSS and JavaScript are all used to create the frontend of Q2A. Knowing HTML is essential while CSS and JavaScript might become secondary, depending on what you want to do.

Finally, you will need a lot of time and a lot of dedication to understand how the Q2A core handles things. The good thing about time and dedication is that the more you have of them the less "praying" you need :)
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What does it take to become a Q2A developer?

  • Passion and steady motivation
  • read the official doc first
  • willingness to read the q2a source files (there is the real documentation)
  • understanding the structure (everything is a "big array")
  • writing plugins by reading the code of other plugins
  • PHP knowledge or knowledge of how programming works :)
  • MySql is a must, but you find a lot of help / tutorials online
  • I recommend to learn Jquery, many of my modifications don't change the PHP core but instead the browser does change the site after load

That's pretty it.

Took me two years to become really advanced :)


PS: Always use var_dump($content) to see the content of the arrays. That helps a lot.

Kai is correct . resding q2a source files is really helpfull . You can undestand more things from that .