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I've started developing this free and opensource(github) plugin for Q2A , and I would appreciate any ideas and suggestions.
here is what I already added, or plan to add to this plugin:

  1. scalable sitemaps(current sitemaps can get very big which is bad for performance and seo). it creates multiple small sitemaps and newtwork sitemaps(with link to other sitemap files).
  2. option to automatically mark pages with short conten as NoIndex.
  3. meta description for sharing(facebook,G+,tweeter) automatically generated and editible by admin.
  4. it will have SEO Links plugin and URL Customizer plugin's features
  5. Advanced Tag Description & similar feature for categories.
  6. page title customization
  7. page title and meta tags editing tool for individual questions.

if you have any ideas, feel free to share. I'll try to add as many usefull features as I can.

Best Regards, Towhid


I was thinking to add ( rel="canonical" ) to pagination for question lists. also it's url should be absolute.
<a class="qa-page-link" href="./questions?start=20">2</a>
should be changed with
<a class="qa-page-link" rel="canonical" href="http://www.question2answer.org/qa/questions?start=20">2</a>
this should fix the warnings.
Does a rel=canonical tag mean that you must have a "view-all" page ?
See here :
Q2a lists do not have an associated view-all page.
And, reading the article, q2a is already adopting the 2nd solution.
Or not ? :-)
Google is a very smart search engine and canonical urls are very common on the web. even without any seo optimizations q2a lists are already following seo standard. the only reason that it's worth working on is to prevent duplicate data in lists.
Hi sir, in the Ultimate SEO plugin why Sitemap for Questions based on Categories was placed as Not Recommended

And running it is useful for SEO SEO.

Please explain the reason

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As promised development of this plugin is going on. development of 6 out of 9 sections of this plugin is finished. including "Title Customization" and "Scalable(Network) XML sitemaps" which were not available before. "Network Sitemap" feature in this plugin is a must have feature for large Q&A sites.

Plugin's features:


Github Page:


for more updates follow QA-Themes.com on twitter: @q2a_themes

"Accessibility" feature is added to give admin an option to stop search engines from following or indexing site.
also an option to stop indexing of pages with short content is added. admin can enter minimum number of words and if length of question(and it's answers and comments) is shorter than that number it will stop search engines from indexing it.
Meta Tag customization options and Meta tag editor is added to plugin.
meta tag editor let's administrator edit question page's title, description and keyword meta tags.
Social Meta Data section is now added to the plugin.
Tags section is added. only category optimization and plugin speed improvements are left to be done.
Category feature is added. only remaining step is optimization and caching.
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Please, add option for remove accent and ñ from URL for category and tags

Good idea, if it's possible to do it without loosing page rank on existing category and tag pages, I'll surely add it.
unfortunately db functions related to retrieving tags(qa_db_tag_word_selectspec and qa_db_tag_recent_qs_selectspec) are not overridable and it won't be possible to do it without core hacks.
when i upload your plugin i ended up with this error  .qa-include/qa-base.php(510) : eval()'d code on line 81
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it would be great if we could add the question post tag to the Question Page Title. In my case i only allow one tag per question, and this tag should appear in the title. Any idea?