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I think now there is a good time for creating a seo plugin for Q2A, or maybe some features will be added to next version.

here is my list:

  • custom META tags for categories, tages, pages
  • header title, description text and maybe a logo for every category
  • custom title,meta tags for categories, tags and maybe questions(admin can change high pr questions title for better keyword targeting)
  • a plugin like "wordpress smart 404" to customize 404 pages and manage error pages.
  • change external links in question content to "Nofollow" to keep seo juice and STOP SPAMMERS.
  • star rating in google results(for example search: "WP SEO Plugin") by seeing how many of question visitors voted up( for example 30% vote up can get 5 star, 5% can get 1 star)
  • breadcrumbs for categories
  • changing question title without changing question link
  • changing category page: site.com/category (adding an extra HTML field would be great so in category list it would show normal description page, and in a certain categories page full description)

there are steel many ideas that can make Q2A greater, you have any?

Sounds like a great idea!
Do you complete q2a-seo-links ??
I wait you so long @towhid
damn, I totally forgot about that. it's nearly finished. will update in a few days.
Thank you very much. I very like your plugin ^^. I hope you will complete soon.
I just installed this in qa-plugin folder and now have error "Can't use method return value in write context in .../qa-include/qa-base.php(510) : eval()'d code on line 73". Any ideas what is wrong?

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I've started developing this plugin. so far 7 out of 9 features is added to it and I'm working on rest of them.

Github Project: https://github.com/Towhidn/Q2A-Ultimate-SEO

send your ideas to: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/35223/

Features: http://qa-themes.com/plugins/q2a-ultimate-seo

its very useful  plugin
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My 2 bits with my experience on SEO and my own evaluation of the package.

1. There is no need to be fixated on custom meta description - that is a small advantage. Google manages to put out good "snippets" in the results even without meta description

2. All external links are rel="nofollow". Where did you find one dofollow links?

3. What are the essential SEO boosters which you should incorporate

3.1 There is high possibility that you will have thin content issues with Q&A site  owing to following pages

a) tag pages can have only one question (which anyway is a subset of questions page),

b)question page with no answer. 

Solution : For  pages (Tag, Tags, question page with no answer make it follow, noindex


3.2 Custom titles for questions page when it runs into multiple pages - Disgruntled Goat has a solution for this

3.3 I am not very certain that rel="next" ; rel="prev" used for questions page is appropriate usage. That's my opinion, glad to hear of others as it is well implemented in the system but I think context is not right.

3.4 Performance - This is essential for user experience and SEO. Queries seems to be blazing fast. Issue is with Jquery, other non minified Javascripts and extremely long CSS

To overcome this, use Minfy (http://code.google.com/p/minify/)

3.5 Avoid use of categories

3.6 Create custom page with gives list of featured posts which are old, obscure so that google refreshes its index with valuable posts. Keep rotating the content

3.7 Use related posts widget

3.8 If you are using adsense, make sure that it is not displayed on "thin pages" so that you do not get penalized 

3.9 This robots.txt is essential

User-agent: *

Disallow: /login
Disallow: /ask
Disallow: /forgot
Disallow: /register
Disallow: /questions?sort
Disallow: /admin

3.10  url canonicalization is implemnted and that is a huge plus

3.11 Mobile : There is some issues there. Site is perfect for Ipads, smartphones but with feature phones it is a disadvantage.
Published mobile markup standards include XHTML Basic 1.1
(http://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=72462&from=40348&rd=1). However, the use of upper case HTML tage makes it impossible to declare it as XHTML basic DTD in mobile theme. 


i have some questns...

1.Why shouldn't i use categories?how do they affect seo in QA websites?
2.What is the problem with allowing this..."/questions?sort"
3.HOw to avoid putting adsense on thin pages?
$.what are the best places to put adsense ads on a QA website?

1. categories : I tested case with categories and non use of categories. There were more duplicate content issues with use of categories
2. /questions?sort - The way Google handles, sort order becomes a duplicate content. Though there is no duplicate content penalty in such cases, my own experience has been that sites which do well are those which either have high authority or one which has least thin and duplicate content
3. Avoid adsense on thin pages - I am writing a small function with help of a programmer friend will share
I think individual descriptions ARE important for each and any page including CUSTOM pages. It is not only about google but about users who click or dont click depending on the description text.

Same for titles, there should be an option to set a different title.

Same for categories, if one wants to use categories for any reason he should do so, and even these should have the option for individual descriptions and titles. Same for tags.

Besides, when using xfmbl facebook like buttons and such, a description must be provided.

Besides I want to mention that the usage possibilities of q2a go far beyond of a question/answer site. It is perfectly suitable for any site with some custom pages and a qa section. I am actually replacing my static sites with q2a. So please hold the custompages in mind ! As well newspages, image upload sites, topic related community sites, review sites and much more are possible.

Each page should have an option to set a rel=nofollow, about pages and privacy pages displaying emails and such shouldnt be in search results.