Welcome to the Question2Answer Q&A. There's also a demo if you just want to try it out.
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  • [2015/02/14] Fixed bug (part_footer() of q_list_and_form()) for Q2A V1.7
    To FA1 users: Please contact me and get latest version.
  • [2015/01/26] FA1 (V1.3) is compatible with Q2A V1.6.3 and V1.7.
    To FA1 users: Please contact me and get latest version.


  • This is not THEME, this is Q2A total solution PACKAGE
  • Many professional plugin that I developed so far are supported (Of cource, NP)

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Full responsive
  • Bootstrap 3.1.1
  • CSS generated by LESS
  • Elegant, high-performance professional design for ladies and gentlemen
  • 4 basic design (Default / Dark Elegance / Ultra Light / Google Skin)
  • Flexible and functional "Theme Administration Center (TAC)"
  • User customizable widget (Position, Collapse, Hide, Title color, Toggle, etc)
  • Separation of processing and design of theme
  • High compatibility with existing plugin and plugin made in future

TAC (Theme Administration Center)

  • Export / import feature for theme settings
  • CSS and Javascript manager
  • Header layout manager(Movable / Fixed, etc)
  • Question list stats design manager
      Type: None icon / Icon / Circle graph
      Layout: Horizontal / Vertical
      Color changer
      Icon changer
  • Sidepanel hide controller
  • Navigation icon manager
  • Textbox design manager
  • Question view button reorder tool
  • Button design manager
  • User shortcut navigation generator
  • Widget control manager
  • etc ...

Demo / Documents

Update history

  • 2015/02/14 [V1.3.1]: Fixed bug (part_footer() of q_list_and_form()) for Q2A V1.7
  • 2015/01/26 [V1.3]: Support Q2A V1.7
  • 2014/07/25: 5 compatible plugin (1 incompatible plugin) are added in compatibility page. At the time of purchase, please refer to it. And, please refer to me for the user who wants to confirm compatibility before the purchase.
  • 2014/06/17: I confirmed complete compatibility with "Point Trade Pro". Of course, I will send new version to users who already has package with no fee. Please look forward to.
  • 2014/05/08 [V1.2]:
    Add "HeroUnit" (with Jumbotron, Carousel, ExtraContens)
    Style sheet size was reduced 30%
    Other improvement

Best regards.

Q2A version: 1.6.3, 1.7
Does FlexArmor1 theme supports ie8 and higher.
FlexArmor1 supports more than IE9 (IE8 is not supported).

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Hi sama, nice start page. Again an implementation of bootstrap :) I rememberd some developer posting a bootstrap theme, but he wrote this needs a lot of core hacks.

Good to see that you did the theme without hacks!

Only issue for the demo: I would like to see the question list, profile etc. not only the start page / login page. Any chance to present this? Screenshots?

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Thank you q2apro and maxj. Your judgment is right. Bootstrap is very convenient. But, because design thought of Bootstrap has aspect against MVC model, separation of design and logic(HTML tag, class) are difficult. I was troubled very much and renewed code many times. I am making open document now so that people who does not login understands inside.

"A picture is worth a thousand words."

Thanks again.
I made FlexArmor1 documents.
This is under construction.
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You really have a wonderful theme, but I couldn't find any pricing for the theme. Can you tell me what is its price or still the theme is under construction?

If its underconstruction then still what can be its price?
Thank you Gurjyot. I intend to make it easy to purchase by setting plural price range. But, this package will include all my skill (study result 4 years). Therefore, all in one package will not become cheap.
Approximately how much will it cost?
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I'm interested how much costs it ?
I will release FlexArmor2 immediately.

 At that time, I will plan discount sale. FA1 has many features, but the power of server is necessary. FA2 is superior in a performance. Please choose a favorite one.

In addition, I sell addon to only members of ASKIVE. Please register.