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I have a problem with the ask box widget. If I ask a question on my website using the ask box, the category dropdown is empty. If, however, I use the "Ask a question" from the menu bar the category dropdown is filled.

Please advice.
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I think that the ask box widget on your q2a website ( http://html5panda.com/ ? ) is visible only to registered user, so I haven't been able to have a quick look.

However I could have a look at the "normal" ask box page, and I can see there another (related ?) issue.

The categories dropdown list is displayed twice.


Having a look at your page, I see that 2 different jquery libs are loaded : 1.7.2 (correct) and 1.4.3 (wrong).



This is causing some errors since the 1.4.3 code is executed (instead of the 1.7.2) :


I would correct this issue first.....

Probably the 1.4.3 js is a dependency of the bbcode-editor plugin.

The plugin should be "refreshed" to use a more recent markItUp version.

I removed the line that includes JQuery 1.4.3 from bbcode, and that seemed to solve it. Thankyou very much :-)
Ok, test it very well :-) because I think that more recent versions of the markItUp editor (compatible with more recent Jquery versions) are available...