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Gidgreen, I have good ideas. I beg you to do this in 1.3 release. 


1. Status 1K, 5K and etk can give the name of the admin panel. If the user typed 1K points he receives the rank of (name of the rank can I change the admin panel).

2. Really need to do to any question "stick" (fix) on all pages of all the categories above. This must be like for the survey site users.

3. Need to limit the voting day. Because I "clocked" his points in 15 minutes. This is sad. And it can do cheaters.

Sorry for my English.

PS: If you do not understand, I will describe in more detail

to 1 ) if I understand right You want to set usertitles by points ? This option You already have in http://www.YOURSITE.com/admin/users , the last option on the site. You can add titles and points needed to achieve this title.

to 2) For a sticky question it may be You can use the "Daily Question" feature elaborated time ago, please see here:

What it does is that You set a question number in admin, and in Your php theme You call it and with css You move it.

May be You can start with this. If You want different questions in each category it would be more difficult.

See an example here, the green bar on top: http://www.frawort.de/

(I as well speak bad english, but I think I understand You very well.)
CSS looks nice

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