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I have noticed that in all of the q2a sites I have seen, even those with a homepage with a high page rank that none of the question/answer pages show any page rank according to the google toolbar? Is there some inherent problem with the site structure that is preventing it from flowing page rank?

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I think that's normal in anysite. The pages that have more hits and clicks will likely have higher pagerank.

My q2a homepage is pr3

ASK a QUESTION, TAGS, and USERS pages are pr2.

Most viewed question is pr1

the rest is pr0


question2answer.org HOT, TAGS, USERs PAGES shows pr0 probly because there's url structure changes. the next pr update wil be pr3 or 4 i guess.

checkout here http://www.question2answer.org/qa/questions?sort=views and see its pr
I have another site that that is not a qa site that has several deeper pages with pr1 or 2. I guess it could be from external links to the deeper pages but I also think it has to do with the site structure and pagerank sculpting to an extent. I found that my deeper pages increased shortly after I started using an html sitemap which included actual links to all of the pages on the site. The sitemap provided here does not include links and thus does not pass any pagerank.  I am thinking of trying to create something similar for my qa site. Any thoughts or ideas?