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This plugin let's you add a Terms of Service validation checkbox to your Registration page.

How it Works:

by default it uses JavaScript validation. you can also enable Server Side validation instead, but it's not recommanded because it uses Page Override(developers tutorial on page override) which means it over rides the whole page and plugins page might not be the same as your version of Q2A(read it's description for more information).


plugin settings:

I just coppied term of service from stackoverflow, use your own :)

Registration page:


Github Page

Download Zip File

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+1. I really hope that Scott or gidgreen will implement the Agree-Terms-Checkbox in core as soon as possible (!)
Thank You for this nice plugin!
you're both welcome :)
Very useful ! Thanks
Ok, I've installed and tested it.
It works nicely.
I've found only a small issue :-)
If I have :
"Enable Terms of Service on registration form" = false
"Check validation in server side instead of using JavaScript" = true
the validation checkbox (on the registration form) is enabled.
It should be disabled.
thanks, fixed that.
But I think the issue is still there...
I think it's my fault, I've not given enough details, sorry.
Steps to reproduce it :
1) install the plugin
2) set "Enable Terms of Service on registration form" = true
3) set "Check validation in server side instead of using JavaScript" = true
4) save
--> now the plugin is enabled. I can use it.
--> I want now to disable it
5) set "Enable Terms of Service on registration form" = false
--> now the plugin should be disabled (looking at the admin panel)
--> Issue : It's still enabled (when a new user clicks on the register link)

Priority of the bug : very low :-)
right, my mistake. I was thinking about something else.
this is fixed now.

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I'm using Question2Answers version 1.8.0.

The Terms of Service plugin works fine except it seems to have some limit. It allows exactly 12,000 characters. However, my terms of service requires: 26,479 characters.

Is there any location where I can remove this limit?