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*** This plugin is in Alpha Version.

*** If you are not a Developer, this plugin wont be usefull for you by itself. unless you use a theme or plugin that requires it.



This Plugin logs events that can be important to an individual users. it log's effected user's ID, Post ID, User's ID who raised the event, and event parameters plus Question ID and Question Title if event is about a post(question,answer or comment).

also it neglect events that can not be important to users, for example when user comment's on his own answer or favorites his own question event wont be logged.

this plugin can be used for creating an Event Notification or Message Notification by themes and plugins.

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Hi QA-Themes, what is the difference to the q2a history plugin? And the event logger?
it records all parameters(doesn't miss them like event logger plugin), it uses JSON format to save parameters. it adds extra values like question title and Question ID regardless of post type. it records user's id who is effected by action. it doesn't record useless events, it only logs events which a user would be interested to know about.
it's created for the sole purpose of letting themes and plugins create an Event Notification and mail notification for users.

I will add a developer guide or wiki to this project later on.
thanks for the clarification.

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exist a new update for this?