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i know photoshop but not to convert the style to css

i know about tools in the internet but i know that must be another ways to make

a theme(for html, wordpress or q2a)


I can't believe that the best way is to use in the "developers tools" in chrome/ie and notepad.

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there are couple of softwares. just search about.com
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To create a theme for Q2A or any other CMS you have to learn HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript/jQuery. Using Photoshop you can design layout, graphic elements etc but can't make theme for that you definatly required above language knowledge.

If you don't have advance knowledge of PHP that may work out by refering someones code but HTML and CSS knowledge is must required.
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I created a child theme of the default, edited it. Check the result; http://limoniyidir.com

You have to learn CSS.
how did you add the faq page?
There is a plugin developed by NoahY http://question2answer.org/addons.php