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I have been working lately on making a custom filed (" User Location")  mandatory  to fill up when registring  with the endless and kind help of user Sama55 ( That i thank very very much for his great support). 

Sama55 suggestion was

1) to create a plugin with function call : qa_register_plugin_module('filter', 'qa-profile-checker.php', 'qa_profile_checker', 'Profile Checker'); in qa-plugin.php.

2) then to use the following code under qa-profile-checker.php file.

require_once QA_INCLUDE_DIR.'qa-filter-basic.php';
class qa_profile_checker {
function filter_profile(&$profile, &$errors, $user, $oldprofile) {
$fb = new qa_filter_basic();
foreach ($profile as $key => $value) {
// sanitize
$profile[$key] = qa_html($value);
foreach($userfields as $userfield) {
if ($userfield['fieldid']==$key) break;
switch ($userfield['title']) {
case 'location': // Location (Required)
$fb->validate_length($errors, $key, $value, 1, 100);


The solution worked great no problem until i switched from localhost ( windows) to live server (linux), a strange error message pop up when hitting sign up button:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'QA_INCLUDE_DIR' (T_STRING) in /home/picassau/public_html/qa-plugin/q2a-location-required/qa-profile-checker.php on line 1  

How comes that in local it runs correctly but on server it does't not ? !!! Some one can help figuring out that mystery.

PS : Script Full credit to Sama55

Q2A version: 1.6.2

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I understood one seeming to be a cause.

My guess: Newline code of your source file is only CR. Change newline code in your file into CR+LF. Or, confirm text editor settings about newline.

YES SAMA it's working  !! you are a lifesaver !!! one should be very smart to figure out a solution to such a bug , thank you so so much
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Check qa-base.php if the specified folder is set correct:

define('QA_INCLUDE_DIR', QA_BASE_DIR.'qa-include/');

Also check if the file qa-filter-basic.php really exists.

Check also if the folder names are all correct.

All checks are positive, basically it wouldn't work on local server too if there syntax error. I have doubts that it's has to do with windows vs linux syntax or some  Web hosting manger setting
Try not including the file, maybe it works. (could be included twice...).

→ Shouldn't be the include within the CLASS body?

Put line: require_once QA_INCLUDE_DIR.'qa-filter-basic.php';
within class or function, then it should work.
hmm tried this also not working :( really strange problem, yesterday i recompiled my php version in vain too..