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Hey there,

When a New User Register's to my Forum, the Default Confirmation E-mail sent to him is.


Please click below to confirm your email address for Learning with Experts: Forum.


Confirmation code: rutkbtzh

Thank you,
Learning with Experts: Forum

I want to remove that long link and only want "Confirmation Code" to be there, how can I edit that?

Q2A version: 1.8 - most recent (Final)

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URLs like that are NOT added by Q2A, the URL should be of the format:


So I guess your email provider is changing the link in some way.

If you don't want a link at all, you can change that in the language files. By default it is the file qa-include/lang/qa-lang-emails.php but the best way is to create a new file qa-lang/custom/qa-lang-emails.php with the following:


return array(
    'confirm_body' => "Please click below to confirm your email address for ^site_title.\n\n^url\n\nConfirmation code: ^code\n\n Thank you,\n^site_title",

You need to remove the bit that says ^url and change "please click below" to something else.

Thanks!!! Scot for Helping!!!
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