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I developed "Infinite Ajax Scroll" plugin. This plugin replace page navigation of question list with "Infinite Ajax Scroll".

List type 1 List type 2 Effect
All Activity   NG
Q&A (Home)   NG
Questions Recent OK
  Hot! OK
  Most votes OK
  Most answers OK
  Most views OK
Unanswered No answer OK
  No selected answer OK
  No upvoted answer OK
User property Recent activity NG
  All question OK [2014/03/17]
  All answer OK [2014/03/17]
My Updates All my updates NG
  My favorites NG
  My content NG

I hope that page navigation of some list are supported in the future.


1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7 (2014/12/19 Updated)

Update history

[V1.3] 2014/08/26

Add feature that not link CSS and JS files. This feature is for Minify of FlexArmor2. This change has nothing to do with users who does not use Minify of FlexArmor2.

[V1.2.2] 11/13
Fixed bug of noneleft option of infinite-ajax-scroll script.
Changed type of noneleft option in admin panel (from checkbox to textarea).
!! Thanks maxjtechno !!

[V1.2.1] 11/12
Fixed bug javascript generation.

[V1.2] 11/07
Replace javascript from inline to file.
IMPORTANT for upgrade user: After replacing source files, store plugin options by all means in admin panel. js file will generate automatically.

Change CSS (Remove display:none of pager)
 - Because the page transition tool of the page where infinite scroll is not applied to disappears.

[V1.1.2] Compress js file.

[V1.1.1] Fixed bug of option data cache.

Added other option.
Added IAS3.
Added check logic for tag existing.

Changed default of "ias1_container" (.qa-part-q-list => .qa-q-list) for V1.5.
Changed default of "ias2_pagination" ('' =>.qa-page-links-list).
Changed default of "ias2_next" ('' =>.qa-page-next).
The person who user old version, please replace qa-ias.php.

Changed "noneleft" option default ON -> OFF. When you turn it ON, "1" is displayed at page end that cannot scroll ... The person who downloaded 1.0, please replace qa-ias.php.


Have fun !!

Q2A version: 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7
Refer to table in my question.
I did , its just says NG for homepage. I was hoping there was some change/hack that I could do on q2a core files to make it work.
This is a limitation of Q2A core. But, I also want to improve this part of Q2A core. When Q2A core is improved in future, plugin will be able to easily follow.
Hi, the download link does not work for me: http://cmsbox.jp/archive/download.php?t=d&i=52

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nice plugin! thanks.
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I installed the plugin but it looks like it only works on the questions page, and not in the home page.

How can I make it work on the home page as well?

Thank you for the great work.
Refer to table in my question. This is a limit of Q2A core not a limit of plugin. If Q2A will support pagination at home in the future, your request will be realized by this plugin.
Hi Arlo, Can you please share a copy of your plugin. The origin source seems to be unavailable. Thanks Jai
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Nice Plugin @Sama55  . Good Job . :)
Hi bro. This is plugin not work in q2a.me. Are you edit plugin comportable this is thamplate?
Hi Bro . we have not installed this plugin in q2a.me .
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Edit : see this thread.

To add to Sama's plugin, I made one that makes the homepage scrollable too.

For the homepage it creates a new table (^homepage) that basically keeps a record for all questions (or their most recent answer). Then on loading the homepage it fetches and displays the relevant ones.

When you install the plugin you have to sync the database so that the homepage table is set up, then whenever a user makes/alters an answer/question it updates the homepage table so as to reflect this.

The plugin is not perfect, I know of one bug I probably need to solve, feel free to comment on it.

Hi Bruno, Can you please share a copy of your plugin. The origin source seems to be unavailable. Thanks Jai
Thanks. Let me have a look
@Bruno Vandekerkhove, It is a quite nice plugin and it does work fairly well. However it interferes with the user profile template section. How to solve it?
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Hi, the download link does not work. Could you provide a working link? Thanks.
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can somebody upload a copy of the plugin