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I think it would be very good feature for all of us who wants their users to have an opportunity to write blog posts and not just an aswers. What do you think?
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I think you should use another software for that. In my opinion, q2a should stay a q2a tool.

Btw, each user could use the wall post feature to write his/her mini-blog.
I think wordpress-like cms + q2a is very uncomfortable to use... May be as plugin?
To add a blog or article option to q2a very few steps are needed. Basically we just would need an additional post type like the existing Q A and C to handle blog posts like such.

In my opinion the power of q2a is far beyond of a question and answer tool, why not use it ?

I as well hope that gidgreen will add the needed code in the near future. I never again would touch wordpress !!!

Once heaving a blogpost type the admin could give the permission to users to write blogposts or not...
That is I'm talking about! I think QA engine don't need blogs for every user, but one blog for everybody to write blogposts on it. It is some like for arcticles for users who wants to write blogposts.
Like this - askdev.ru/blog/
it doesn't work for me
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Blog (something like diary) is unnecessary for me. However, I want static and personal page like "note" of Facebook. I make plugin well. I inform to Q2A user after development as question, but want to inform with private page. Of course it is necessary for WYSIWIG editor. In addition, it is more good if page owner can change public state.

Can you make the feature now about with you are talking in the answer??
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Sorry, this is outside the scope of Q2A and is not going to make it into Q2A core. However there are some possible solutions:

1. Use Wordpress as the blog, and use Q2A's built in WP integration.

2. Set up a second Q2A instance to use as your blog, and link the user accounts to your first (Q&A) instance. You can set yourself as an admin to be the only one allowed to "ask questions", and those questions would serve as blog posts. You could let answers serve as "comments" on the blog. This would require a lot of work, especially with theming, but it's possible.

3. Just allow users to post whatever they like on your Q2A site, whether it is questions or answers.
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I think am a few inches away from finishing the blog plugin for q2a. once you have it on your site you wont be able to post on walls anymore.
Am very interested in this and hope you pull it off!
We are waiting for release of the program.
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