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I have a problem with this add-on Q2A-Blog-Post-Plugin-master, you can download it from Github

Error one

I already have it installed, when I go to the administration section "blog moderation"

I have this error (I leave a link a capture of the error I receive) view image

Error two

In the blog section where are all the articles, I get this error, view image

Error three

in the section of "new article" when we press the button "publish your article". The entry is published but does not show the title, and an error appears at the top of the web.. View image


My version of Question2Answer is: 1.8.3

I use the theme it brings by default. (SnowFlat v1.4)

I have already installed the plugin several times, in clean installation of Question2Answer  it still shows me the same error.

I would really appreciate it if you help me crying

Q2A version: 1.8.3
If you want a good blog plugin for Q2A you can use the one by Ami but it is a paid one. Otherwise you can use wordpress or Joomla integration but some of the plugins wont be working with them.
mmm ok, thanks

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there's a problem in the free version of this plugin .. i have contacted the creator before and he didn't fix his plugin

but he suggest to pay for the premium version..
ok, it will be my turn to pay....  thanks!
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Hey I have adjusted the code of the plugin a bit. It is not completely working but removed few bugs here and there.

you can download it from https://github.com/jasdevmoun/qna-blog

Hope it helps. I will also be rewriting this plugin completely.