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"CKEditor4" Editor for Admin. The detailed thing refers to here. This plugin depends on CKEditor4 plugin. Install CKEditor4 plugin earlier.

Inline edithing feature was supported in V1.1.


V1.5.1 later, 1.6.x, 1.7 (2014/12/19 Updated)

Update history

  • [2014/10/03] 1.3 Add moono dark skin to admin option
                                   Add skin auto detect feature
  • [2014/09/06] 1.2.1 Update script code for HTML compression feature of FlexArmor2
  • [2014/03/17] 1.2 Update CKEditor version from V4.2 to V4.3.3.
  • [2013/12/12] 1.1.1 Fixed miss spell. Thanks Kai.
  • [2013/11/19] 1.1     Add inline edithing feature
  • [2013/09/10] 1.0.1  Bug fix (Upload image error)
  • [2013/08/16] 1.0     released

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Sorry but I really dont understand what does this plugin do ?

I installed CKEditor and using it, it is good but what is this for ? Does it add more buttons for admins ?
This plugin applies CKEditor to teaxarea where HTML code in the admin pages. For example, when you add a new page, you can edit contents in CKEditor without inputting HTML code directly.
ty dude I got it