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Where in the Admin panel do you set a specific user to be an Expert, Editor, Moderator, or Admin? I assume it's there but cannot find it....

We're using Question2Answer with WordPress 3.2.2.  Maybe this is done using WordPress roles? (But I don't see any roles with these names in the WordPress admin interface.)
Q2A version: 1.5.1

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See the qa_get_logged_in_user(...) function in qa-external-users-wp.php for how Q2A maps WordPress permissions to Q2A user levels.

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It's not in the admin panel. You just go to a user's profile and click "Edit this user", then there is a dropdown to change their type.

You can also set permissions based on points under Admin > Permissions, but that doesn't have a bearing on whether the user is expert/editor etc.
Thanks, but I am looking at a user profile and don't see any "Edit this user" link. (I'm definitely an admin, since I can see the user's "Bonus Points" amount and change it.) Exactly where is this link located?

Here is what I see on the page http://hostname/qa/user/username:

0. The top links: Hello, My Updates, Logout, and the search box.
1. The top navigation tabs (Questions, Unanswered, Tags, Users, Ask A Question, Admin.)
2. The heading "User <username>"
3. "Activity by <username>"
4. The user box (bonus points, Score, Questions, Answers, etc.) with an "Update bonus" button at the bottom.
5. "Recent activity by <username>" with a list of posts.
I'm also not seeing how to do this.  I'm using Q2A as is (no WP) and when I click on any user I'm not seeing any place on that user profile page that allows for setting a user type.  There doesn't seem to be a drop-down menu anywhere.
Did you get a resolution to this drdan?  I can ditto the same (non WP) not showing any 'edit this user' link.
Nope, still unresolved and no response either -- had not only posted here in this thread but started my own on this back on Jan. 3rd and never even got a single reply from that.(http://www.question2answer.org/qa/20346/how-do-you-permission-users-as-editor-moderator-or-admin)

For that matter I've yet to get an actual (helpful to resolving the issue) answer to anything that I've posted here!

Sorry to hear that you are also having the same problem as that's now at least three of us with the same problem.
Ok, in my case it's been resolved.  Maybe you can check you meet these conditionals too.  You'll only get to see the edit button If:-
You don't use External Users ie: QA_EXTERNAL_USERS is set to false in your config file.
You are logged in: (correct)
Your loginID is Different to the userID: (this is was not correct in my case *slap)
You are SUPER 'OR' your loginLevel is greater than the userLevel.

Silly me was looking at my own, expecting to see edit links..Doh!

I'd firstly check your config and make sure external users is set to false.

Hope this helps