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For your informaton Q2A 1.6 moved out of beta a few hours ago and is now official on Q2A homepage and on Github.

This is yet another piece of brilliant work from Gidgreen, Q2A developers and all members who contributed their imaginative ideas.

Great! thanks for the update.. :)
Thanks Gidgreen!!

Every time Q2A is getting better and better.

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Yeah! i am downloaded and upgrading now :)

Edit 1 : its only one problem in chrome ; arrows look like this :

why the arrows look like this only chrome ?

Edit 2 : why admin cant delete the other users wall post ? Maybe some users swearing to others ?

I have visited your site using Chrome Version 27.0.1453.116 m and didn't encounter the problem with arrows. Maybe clearing your browser cache should fix it.
The issue you are having its been fixed long ago in Snow 1.1 so you should not get this issue. See the image http://s12.postimg.org/989nflxb1/Capture.jpg I have taken from your site in Chrome.