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Hi there,

Thank you all for working on Q2A development. Is there any estimated time that the stable version of Q2A will be released? Before, it was mentioned that end of the October is the release date. That would be helpful if we know the release date in order to plan the changes in our Q2A website

Wish you all a happy new year.

Q2A version: 1.7.4

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There is still one more big feature pending before release, notification system. I guess once that is done then Scott may release.
Not just one but, there are a lot of important features remaining for Q2A 1.8.
#comment voting
#additional widget area

Let's just hope that all of these could be done in first quarter of next year.
agree with you but notification is one of the critical one, I feel.
I also agree with you and that's why I wrote notification as the first important feature ;)
Comment voting will probably have to wait for 1.9, I really want to get this thing released soon! TBH I probably should have released it in July/August last year without those features, it's frustrating for it to drag on so long...
I would say it's better to do a complete roadmap release as community members have already waited so much. Now again leaving some features will only leave a bad impression.

It would be better to delay it one more month and do a complete release.