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One of my QA page has been attacked with spam comments. Spammer seems to be an automatic bot. It has bombarded my page with 4193 link comments and every single comment is from different ip addresses. The problem is I am not able to delete this page. This page opens normally when I am not logged in with admin id. But after logging in, when I try to access this page, it shows me 404 page not found.

Kindly suggest me a way to clean this page.
Q2A version: 1.5.4

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I have suugested some way of deleting spams there, at least that would the way I would go in such a case, though I urge you to do some backup first and I would prefer the use of the internal qa delete funcion to be sure to cleanly delete things.


But to start with I would protect against spams by not allowing anyone to post and by having some kind of protection scheme activated like recaptcha. I guess this is not the case in your config.

Don't know about the 404 error you mention, but Phpmyadmin may give you some clue by inspecting posts in the db.

Check if the url to that question is similar both logged in and out (it should but if you have a 404 error it may not be the case). Maybe toggling with url structure options might help in this case...